Cotabato City – The Ministry of Trade, Investment, and Tourism – Bureau of Investments (MTIT-BOI) organized an investment facilitation meeting at the Casa Torre Conference Room, Alnor Conventional Hotel on August 2, Tuesday.

The gathering was attended by key officials, including MTIT Minister Abuamri Taddik, Deputy Minister Atty. Sukarno Abas and Bureau of Investments Director Shamera Abobakar. Malaysian visitors, Hon. Assemblyman Calvin Chong Ket Kiun, President Jackuan S. Isnaji of Alnas Corporation, and investor Mr. Mahatir Bin Zulkipli Chong, along with their team, were also present.

During the event, Minister Taddik highlighted the rich natural resources of the BARMM region, making it an attractive investment destination for neighboring countries. President Jackuan Isnaji of Alnas Corporation expressed their commitment to creating employment opportunities in BARMM and contributing to its economic growth.

Assemblyman Calvin Chong Ket Kiun focused on developing the region’s seaports, particularly in the cooking oil industry, aiming for a successful partnership with BARMM for future opportunities. Investor Mahatir Bin Zulkipli Chong expressed interest in investing in the cooking oil industry but also raised concerns about taxation and proper procedures for settling business in the Region.

Director Shamera Abobakar introduced investment prospects in BARMM via a visual presentation. She highlighted the BARMM Strategic Investment Priority Plans (SIPP), such as agribusiness and economic zones, to attract potential investors. Additionally, she discussed the positive bilateral relations between Malaysia and the Philippines, as mentioned by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. during his recent state visit to Malaysia.

During the open discussion, security matters were addressed. Assemblyman Calvin Chong Ket Kiun inquired about safety guarantees for investors and raised concerns about fossil fuel exploration in the region. Director Abobakar clarified that incidents of terrorism have declined, ensuring safety and security in the region with strategic cooperation between the local and national government, armed forces, and coastguard.

Minister Taddik assured that peace and order, including Lamitan and Tawi-Tawi areas, are well taken care of through Government’s collaboration with the MILF and MNLF, instilling confidence in investors regarding security matters.

The meeting concluded with both parties looking forward to forging partnerships and exploring investment opportunities in the BARMM Region, aiming to uplift the Bangsamoro people’s economy.