The Bureau of Trade and Industry shall be headed by a Director II, and shall have the following functions:
a. Assist the Minister of Trade, Investments, and Tourism in the formulation and implementation of the Ministryโ€™s policies, plans and programs on Trade and Industry
b. Assist the Minister in the supervision and administration of the trade and industry related programs and projects including the conduct of trade fairs/exhibits, business conferences/fora, and other investment promotions activities;
c. Assist the Minister in the Implementation of the Fair Trade Laws, Price Act and related policies on consumer protection and business name registration;
d. Coordinate with other bureaus and government agencies, local government units concerned and the private sector in discharging its duties and functions;
e. Enlist the assistance and support of local government units and other regional/provincial line agencies in the implementation of the programs, projects and activities of the bureau; and
f. Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.

Divisions under the Bureau of Trade and Industry – The Bureau of Trade and Industry shall be composed of the following divisions:
(a) Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection Division;
(b) Enterprise and Trade Development Division; and
(c) Industry Development and Investment Promotion Division.