The Bureau of Tourism shall be headed by a Director II and shall have the following functions:
a. Assist the Minister of Trade, Investments, and Tourism in the formulation and implementation of the Ministry’s policies, plans and programs on Tourism;
b. Coordinate the implementation of operational, field-level plans/programs of the Bureau;
c. Oversee the administration of the Tourism Marketing, and Tourism Product Development Service Offices of the Ministry, consistent with the mandate of the Ministry;
d. Coordinate with concerned agencies and institutions, both government and private, the development of the regional tourism plans and policies;
e. Enlist the assistance and support of local government units and other regional/provincial line agencies in the implementation of the programs and projects of the bureau;
f. Provide support to all tourism-related activities of private sectors needing government assistance;
g. Organize tourism partners and inter- island advocacy enhancement activities;
h. Strengthening safety coordination network, putting in-place necessary tourism services, and development of institutional linkages and social assets; and
i. Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.

Divisions under the Bureau of Tourism – The Bureau of Tourism shall be composed of the following divisions:

(a) Product Development and Standards and Accreditation Division; and

(b) Tourism Promotions and Marketing Division