The Bureau of Investments (BOI) of the Ministry of Trade, Investments and Tourism (MTIT) holds its final Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for the Bangsamoro Investment Code (BIC) which will detail the legal framework of investments promotions and regulations in BARMM region. The activity was held on May 26, 2022 in Pagana Kutawato Native Restaurant, Cotabato City.

Director Shamera Abobakar from the BOI encouraged the participants to recommend their best ideas in crafting the Bangsamoro Investment code to keep the BARMM region economically responsive and competitive.

The crafting of the Investment policies, which will propel and ignite the economic activities, is a big step forward for the Bangsamoro region.

“Let’s impart our brilliant ideas in recommending the best ideas we have to craft the Bangsamoro Investment Code for the benefit of the investors in BARMM,” Director Abobakar added.