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Does the BTI assist businesses in resolving trade disputes and addressing trade-related issues?

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  • Yes, the BTI provides assistance in resolving trade disputes and addressing trade-related issues through:
    • Arbitration and Mediation Services: Offering dispute resolution mechanisms, arbitration services, mediation sessions, and alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve trade conflicts, contractual disputes, and trade disagreements between businesses.
    • Trade Compliance Consultations: Providing guidance on trade regulations, customs compliance, trade agreements compliance, tariff classifications, and trade documentation requirements to ensure businesses’ adherence to trade laws and regulations.
    • Consumer Protection Initiatives: Implementing consumer protection measures, product quality standards enforcement, consumer rights awareness campaigns, and consumer complaint handling mechanisms to safeguard consumers’ interests and promote fair trade practices.
    • Collaboration with Relevant Agencies: Collaborating with relevant government agencies, industry associations, consumer groups, and legal entities to address trade issues, advocate for fair trade policies, and protect businesses’ and consumers’ rights in trade transactions.
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