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How does the BTI promote fair trade practices and consumer protection in BARMM?

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  • The BTI promotes fair trade practices and consumer protection through:
    • Enforcement of Trade Laws: Enforcing trade laws, fair trade practices regulations, anti-dumping measures, anti-counterfeiting policies, and trade remedies to prevent unfair trade practices, trade fraud, and trade abuses in the market.
    • Market Surveillance: Conducting market surveillance, inspections, and monitoring activities to detect counterfeit products, substandard goods, adulterated products, and unfair trade practices that may harm consumers or undermine fair competition.
    • Product Quality Standards: Setting and enforcing product quality standards, certification requirements, labeling guidelines, and quality assurance protocols to ensure that products meet safety, health, and environmental standards and provide value for consumers.
    • Fair Pricing Mechanisms: Monitoring pricing practices, price transparency, price disclosures, price controls, and price regulations to prevent price gouging, price manipulation, price fixing, and unfair pricing practices that may exploit consumers or distort market competition.
    • Consumer Education and Awareness: Conducting consumer education campaigns, consumer rights advocacy programs, consumer protection seminars, and consumer complaint handling mechanisms to empower consumers, educate them about their rights, responsibilities, and choices, and enable informed consumer decisions.
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