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What support does the BTI provide for export-oriented businesses in BARMM?

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  • The BTI provides comprehensive support for export-oriented businesses, including:
    • Export Promotion Programs: Offering export promotion schemes, incentives, and initiatives to encourage businesses to enter export markets, expand export volumes, and diversify export product lines.
    • Market Intelligence Services: Providing export market research, competitor analysis, market entry strategies, export market trends, and export market development support.
    • Export Documentation Assistance: Assisting businesses in preparing export documentation, export contracts, shipping documents, customs declarations, and export compliance requirements.
    • Trade Missions and Exhibitions: Organizing trade missions, export promotion campaigns, participation in international trade exhibitions, and trade delegations to explore export opportunities, establish contacts with foreign buyers, and promote BARMM products globally.
    • Export Financing Options: Facilitating access to export financing, export credit facilities, export insurance, and export credit guarantees to support export transactions, mitigate export risks, and enhance export competitiveness.
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